1066 cont….

 Well it’s later in the day….. how much later…well it’s codeine, paracetmol and maxalt later and now I have a clear head…hurray for chemicals. I think getting a Gp would be a good move! I have a feeling though that it’s not just the medication that has cleared my foggy brain! We have heard from the head of elementary school and the various heads and teachers have got together  with the result that Matthew will be starting junoir high on Tuesday. After taking them for their Hep B jabs after school we told him that was the plan if he was happy. His face told us the answer straight away…he’s very happy about it…. school had been getting him down and numbing his brain and he is more than ready to move. I’ve been really impressed by the school staff and their handling of this today…even down to making sure they don’t let him find out from a source other than us and trying to make the transition quick. He is having the day at Mead Elementary on Monday so he can say goodbye to friends and they are giving him time for that and then will go to Jnr high Tuesday. I feel much more relaxed now though I know I’ll be a wreck Tuesday but he doesn’t need to know that.
Sam is happy today too, jabs out of the way he took his saved up money and bought himself star wars 2 for the nintendo ds. He is learning to save and then buy things for himself and enjoying it too.
So we are all going out for tea and then to ‘cold stone’… if you don’t know cold stone you will after a visit here! Ice cream lovers heaven…. the boys are happy there anyway…all three! So life will settle soon we hope with kids challeneged at school and oh I forgot ….
…….. our stuff is in the country and will be delivered next wednesday…the great unpacking begins!!! It will be so nice to have our stuff around us again…and to have some jumpers and waterproof things now Autumn has arrived. Autumn is beautiful here even though they dont’ have dunham….I’ll take some photo’s for you to see soon, but for now here are the boys as they were a few minutes ago…all the boys! I don’t think the coffee next to Martin worked do you?
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