**** Ok life got busy and thist was yesterday. I went to the supermarket and found good bread AND oven chips!  We also bought some paint for Sam’s room which is to be painted..’good morning sunshine’ it made us all grin given what I sang to him as a child.
So today I’ve spoken to Matt’s teacher about his being bored in class and having covered everything they are doing, he is taking the end of year science test today which just seems ridiculous but for now I don’t know what to do about it. I have a meeting with the head of the jnr high school on friday morning… 5pm your time UK… but that is about how it was handled before he started anywhere. Any prayers gratefully recieved.
I just got back form the bible study and it has really helped already. She talks about cherishing and clinging…and knowing to cherish things from our old life and cling to what we have in this one. There is also a survival kit section whichi gives suggestions on how to actively cope. It includes ideas for sending things through the post.
I’ve planted some herbs in the garden which has made me feel good and helped me focus on being here when they grow not just wanting to leave. I know thi sis a long journey for me and us as a family but for now it feels a bit less uphill…… I dont’ expect every corner to be a green field but I think I’ll try to relax into this easier slope…… till Friday!
Oh and for those enjoying the language differences….. advert for cranberries.." so fresh they’re straight from the bog"
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