Say hi to Baxter

We have a new member of the family…meet Baxter! He’s eight weeks old and was dumped in a carrier bag at the local animal pound on his own. We picked him up this morning…well I say we …I did. I saw him with the boys last night and that was it…love at first sight. He’s really active and cute and slept on my chest earlier. Cobweb was asleep on my bed so has only just seen him and for now it’s from a distance.
 I didn’t sleep well last night as my head was stuffed up and as a result I feel really washed out today….. early night I think.
I don’t have much else to say really… it’s been a beautiful day but I’ve either been with cats or feeling ick with my head. Sorry for the short entry but I wanted to share the pictures of Baxter with you all.
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One Response to Say hi to Baxter

  1. EXPLODE says:

    There Said To Be Many Masters But Theres Only One Baxter

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