I’m not crazy ………

 No one ever has the jobs I have had because they love paperwork and yet I seem to have spent so much time doing it recently.( Though not as much as Martin) The frustrating thing is finding the info to put on the forms. This morning I had to fill in a sheet saying what jabs the boys had and when…dates etc. I know they had all the jabs on schedule in the Uk but dates and what they were…eek! So after a while on the net  and going through our paperwork with little success I went to the kid’s Dr….they have peadiatrics Gp’s here so the kids have a Dr and we don’t yet. Well the receptionist….abnormally helpfully…and I went through all the notes given by our UK Gp and found all Sam’s but only one of Matt’s. So then we had to work out roughly how old Sam ws wen he had it… how old Matt would have been and what rough date that would be! There must be easier ways! there were lots of other things I can think of for doing with that time but this is one that had to be done.
 Have I mentioned our new bed…. it’s amazing…. the rented one was well used by the feel of it…but I tried not to think about that too much.
since we got here I’ve felt far from home and tired…leaving me basically wanting to sleep and be hugged…. but I have the awkwardness of actually not liking anyone near me when I sleep…… well I’m never straight forwrad am I. In th epast it’s been good because I’ve not noticed when Martin is away… I’ve never been one of these women who snuggle up to go to sleep… I just get deprived of sleep and either fidgety or cranky. this bed is perfect nto only is the mattress somethign I could lay on forever and not be uncomfortable (it’s made of memory foam and fits your body to keep your spine straight) but it’s huge! the bed is about 6"6 by 7" long I know it seems wasted on us but when the kids climb in in the morning I can still lay flat and when I’m going to sleep it feels like the whole bed is mine… but I know Martin is there….wel…over there somewhere. I do wonder sometimes when he sleeps with his head under the pillow but I can hear him well enough.
You know how sometimes in life you seem to have a theme tune for where you’re at? Ok well I know it’s not JUST me but maybe not all of you. I have one at the moment which makes me grin…. I can’t get radio 2 here but I’m listening to warm 106.9 which plays soft rock and is pretty good though not at all sarcastic. ANYWAY I have this song they keep playing which makes me feel like life is getting better…so I thought I’d share it with you …. in fact let me put in a link to the words somewhere else to give you new net people a challenge…hey why should I be the only one?!
For some reason this song is making me feel less mad…which the book I’m reading says is ‘moving affected disorder’ it’s tongue in cheek but very fitting.
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