lazy sunday afternoon

It’s been a relaxing day today…church lunch with some friends then slobbing to watch Roger Rabbit with the kids. We’ve also spoken to a few people in the phone which has been great and shown mum and dad round the garden by webcam! I’ve just turned some new jeans up….. nothing exciting as with legs this short it’s normal.for trousers to be too long…BUT I got to use my new sewing machine. Of all the electrical things to start with I know a sewing machine is odd but I can now walk without dragging my clothes on the floor and will be abel to make curtains and cushions if nothing else. It’s so easy to use and quiet…and it goes through the bottom of jeans when they are turned over a few times without slowing down…. this is a good thing.
I’m still trying to get the hang of cooking here and found that bacon pasts without herbs, garlic and a blender is kind of missing the mark but I think it’s improving…slowly.
Cobweb has learned to climb trees really fast and then back down them slowly and she had a stand off with an unhappy squirell today when they were both in the same tree….. she got really high up about 20ft I think but hey I’m female distances aren’t my thing…… and we all know why!
The service at church was good and talked about God taking something small and using it to be something great…mustard seeds, loaves and fish, Gideons army etc. We also sang ‘How great thou art’ which always hits something in me…looking out the window now I can see such amazing colours and birds, dragonflies…… well it’s easy to see God at work outside on days like these and He feels close to me, I feel oddly peaceful today and happy to be out of Stepford and in a place where I can worship God without judgement. Now I just need to find out what He wants me to do here…but I think first He wants me to breath and work out which way is up for a while.
Being able to have a door or window open is great… Cobweb runs in and out as she likes and I get to feel fresh air…which along with music keeps me nearer to sane than I would otherwise be. ….. I think!
Ther eis a fence being put up down the road aroudn a community which has a golf course in it….. it has gates on the road and is all shut off  but this new fence has been goign up for weeks. We’ve been laughing about them thinking they are better than other people having a fence enclosing them …… though I’m sure they don’t…. but this morning we saw they now have brass knobs on the tops of each post all the way down the hill. Well I found it funny.
It’s been great to hear from you all this week …… having contact with some of you is harder than others but it’s nice to catch up ….and some mad man made me smile this afternoon and is supposedly having a drink for me…any excuse! Mine’s a double…. ut don’t send Jackie for drinks she’ll drown me.
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