Cobweb went out for the first time last night…. I was nervous about it but Martin was the sensible one and reassured me she wouldn’t get lost or die. Of course she’s found lots of places to sleep in the house which all belong to her…including on a black jumper of mine everytime I wash it!

Cobweb is exploring again… she lays (he he) on the bed most of the time but then has bursts of energy where she has to DO something whether its chase something in the house or prowl round her grounds. Some days she seems to sleep all day and loves having her chin and jaw rubbed but you have to go to her… other days she has her fidgety feet on… sits for ten minutes then walks a little way away and sits again, then she might come in for ten minutes then go out again. Those days you are welcome to join her but you have to keep up and not get in her way. Today is a slow fidget day…… just viewing life from different angles in a lazy kind of way and sitting on her deck before coming back in the house to see why I’m not outside too.

Given the adjustments to time and place she is doing really well though the squirells here are more athletic and brazen and the birds are so bright that she can’t fail to see them but can fail to catch them…..wisely they stay in the trees ……for now.

It’s been so good for me to have her here…but I guess anyone that’s seen me with her might know that.

Well I’ve heard from some people about composers so I might as well send another question out there……… is there anything you lot actively want me to whitter on about?



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