musical advice

  Ok this is something I ned some email feedback on so I hope you are reading…..
the kids have music lessons within school once a week and have a designated music teacher for those… great I thought, a music room and teacher. Since the lessons started three or so weeks ago they have done exactly the same thing each lesson…. they sing patriotic songs about the many states and also about the school…nwo while their singing in American is improving they are learning nothing about ‘music’ ….. so far…..  I may be wrong long term but it’s bothering me. Now I’ve come up with a plan but I know nothing about music so I thought I’d put it on here and get some opinions…..
My plan is that we’ll look up a composer find out about his life a bit and his music and then the kids can listen to it as they do their other homework. At least that way they’ll get to hear some other stuff than the ‘fifty nifty united states’. So any suggestions? …. mail me and let me know.
  Today has been ….well another day… I’ve been reading the moving on book and sitting in the garden as well as catching up on some emails for people.
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