the schools here are so organised.
I dropped the kids at school this morning … I know they could walk but it’s over a mile, they have short legs and we have to leave at 8.15 anyway so ….. for now I dropped them. They have a system for dropping them off and not stopping traffic. To start with the oldest grade kids in school have traffic duty where with adults they help stop traffic for crossing. Within the school there is a drive that goes right through it….. as you go in the cars all line up slowly and the teacher supervises the kids showing you where to stop. As you stop one of them comes to the door says ‘morning ma’am’ and opens the back door for the kids to get out, they then close it and you drive off. Parking there is hard to do so it means the traffic keeps moving and the kids get close enough to be safe. In the rain it works really well…more kids are dropped off so no late slips are given but more kids in bright ornage poncho’s to their knees are there to open doors…… it works in reverse after school. Kids congregate under a tree and the teacher calls them when their parent has pulled up. I’ve noticed the system working really well and it seems particularly good for the woman who drives in with two poodles ON HER LAP!! I wish I was joking. Most of the time I park in the car park and get out when picking them up but I have dropped them off that way.
  After school they have all sorts fo things they could do and we’ve just had to choose between chess, karate, or Japanese lessons…. on a wednesday. We are sticking with the karate for now… but as this coast is close to Japan who knows in the future maybe they will learn that!
Every week we have a friday folder to read through and sign which has the kids work in for the week and any comment the teacher needs us to know about.
Each child is required during their schooling to do some community hours though we aren’t quite sure what form they will take as each child does their own thing or can participate in something organised.
Matt will be home late today as they have a homework club in his class for an hour after school and he can get all his work done there with his teachers help and working with his friends on topics.
Most things here work on email and the school is no exception. I have had mails form both teachers regarding subjects and volunteering for things and the schools have a system of sending emails to all parents if the school is shut or anything like that. It’s all very impressive and organised but I still like the face to face part of contact as well…. which we do get at curriculum night etc.
Well whoever is reading this may be bored by now so I’ll go. It seems there are more people reading than I thought which made me feel a bit shy for a while but …well you are all so far away if you think I’m silly I won’t notice and if you do ….why are you reading????
Martin said to me recently I should assume everyone will read everything I write … well I’m aiming this at the people that know me so if you don’t understand or like what you read… I’m not sorry about who I am …..just stop reading. As for those of you that are happy to read this and find out what’s happening …. well if you want to know about anything in particular let me know. It has been good to hear from you …. and to those who rang the flat ….THANKYOU…including Paula who despite ringing twice we never actually spoke to…sorry honey…we need to work out timings I think!
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  1. Foggy says:

    you were off line when Keith and i checked back but we\’ve read your latest blog instead.Keith says the dropping of the kids could be speeded up by adopting that system used by the royal mail on the railway. ie put the kids in a sack hung out the car window with a large hook to collect them as you drive by, and they can empty them into the right class

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