Those that know me well will know I’m a very tactile person and one of the things I really miss irght now…other than chocolate …is/are hugs. Going to church was always so nice on a bad day because I got hugs as I walked through the door….. there are some people…. like Tom Pearce, Phil B …… that when they hug you it feels like the stress is being sucked away(well it does for me). Kind of like being wrapped in a big blanket when you were a kid…all wrapped up in someone’s arms and nothing to worry about.
  I have felt so wired the last few days that I felt I was going to snap… I think it’s the second moving thing or maybe the drawn out one move…either way…. all those hugs would have been great. It’s not a huggy place here…. so far maybe that will change I don’t know.
   So if any of you are near someone….not skinny …. this weekend have a big warm hug for me? Enjoy it and let yourself relax in someone else’s arms ……. who knows we might all feel the benefit.
We move into the house today and I’m looking forward to it but now it all feels VERY real and a bit big. If you see any sparks in the night it’s me blowing up as I become more wound up and wired.
Thanks to those of you who have been mailing me, I won’t be able to reply now till wednesday at the earliest but I will reply.
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