house buying

       Buying a house in the US. In many ways it’s a lot easier but there is an awful lot of paperwork…or seems it to me.
Firstly when you go to look at houses you have an agent who filters thorugh on your behalf. then armed with a list of houses you go to view them. It seems the people are never in and have boxes outside that are acccessed by agents codes and release the keys. Inside are notes on walls laminated starting with ‘please remove shoes’ and going through pointing out relevant things. Outside each house is a for sale board and a copy of the details for anyone to take.
 When you decide to make an offer you put together a wodge of paperwork and offer an amount of money knwon as earnest money. This is a four figure number which is given to the owner as a sign that you are not messing about. Once this has been accepted there are a few reasons why the buyer may pull out but the vendor may not. You are then given neighbourhood documents to check you are happy with the rules and an inspection is carried out. After the inspection there is then more form filling abotu what we would like corrected before moving in and then it’s done when it’s been negotiated and agreed.
Yesterday we spent far too long signing half a tree’s worth of paper and tomorrow we get the keys.
So this Saturday we move! We are still not sure what we will do about some things and need to get some others but we will have a roof of our own and the bed is being delivered  then so we should sleep better too.
It does mean no internet access for me for a few days…well till at least wednesday afternoon I think maybe thursday evening your time….but when I can get online again I will do.
Life has been odd the last few days…lots of doing things like getting curtains, paying healthcare bills, you know the odd jobs that take half a day usually but not knowing how or where make them take longer.
Yesterday I learnt two new things…. how to fill the car with petrol/gas (why gas isn’t it a liquid?)
                                                      and how to use the water fountain at church
    —- oh as well as the fact that being woken by a cat killing your foot at 3am is not a good start to the day
Today I leanrt somethign and so did Cobweb…. I learnt that both my shoes had holes in as I walked through the rain and that much as I like having wet feet soggy socks have no part of that….. barefoot is best for being wet.
Cobweb learnt that if you chase your own tail two things happen….1, you fall off the chair
                                                                                                2, when claws meet flesh it hurts.
         it cheered me up and made me laugh watching her chase her tail for about ten minutes…. knowing how she felt chasing her tail and how the tail felt being chased by her claws….. but watching her catch it was funny and sad…the satisfaction on her face swiftly followed by a pained look and frantic licking of the offended part seemed to confuse her a lot. Being a cat of little brain though once the pain had gone she resumed the chase….three times!!! I think God could be telling me something about people here…. how often do we do something over and over expecting a different result and feel confused when it’s always the same?
I think Sam may be about to learn somethign too…. having one song on repeat loudly and singing along get the power shut off no matter how much you like the song…… ‘If you’re not the one’  is more than an ok song but six times is enough now I think! Though I’m sure mum would understand his trait…in fact between ‘Ravels Bolero’ and ‘She wears red feathers’ I think I know where he gets it from!!! I’ll see you two after class!!  parents!
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One Response to house buying

  1. Unknown says:

    Hi, Tig… Just a quick note… Your Mum and Sam aren\’t on their own here. I tend to listen to songs time and again when I\’ve first bought them, then I can\’t listen to them for a while, then it sort of settles down a bit. Think you\’re just going to have to put up with Sam\’s musical habits. Let\’s face it, in terms of noises that boy might subject you to, a bit of music is the least of your worries! At least music doesn\’t smell!
    Hope the move goes really well. I\’ll be praying for you all.
    See you soon.

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