I’ve just spent the morning at a coffee morning for neighbourhood ‘moms’ meeting some of the women who will live near us. Some already heard from their kids about the boys and their ‘cool’ accents…some of the mums were told I had a child called psalm because of their kids trying to copy the speech patterns! I’ve forgotten most of the names but they have our address and know when we are moving in so they are comign round sometime…….. I’ve come back here to breath in the quiet for a bit now…being polite for so long has given me a headache. I met about 15 women but NONE who were originally from Seattle! Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, Portugal…..but not Washington. Boeing and Microsoft seem to be populating the area well! It was good to meet them but you know mainly it was great to know that the area is friendly, full of kids and a nice place to live. I’m sure I’ll get to know some of the mums more when we’ve moved in and after that at the neighbourhood pool in summer.

Have I mentioned that before? Each neighbourhood has rules and fees….these are to maintain the appearance and general feel of the area. In our new neighbourhood the fees which are minimal help maintain common grounds which include a park basketball court and an outdoor pool. AS a part of this area we have to abide by certain rules some are easy no living in a trailer on your front yard…that kind of thing but other may cause a change in my way of life….. no hanging clothes outside where they may be seen by anyone….that includes back garden…. as as result no washing lines…but sensibly they have most laundry rooms upstairs ….ours will be…so I may never have washing baskets downstairs again!  One rule also says no ugly furniture…… they mean to be left on the pavement outsidebut we’ve decided the side board will go now too! He he. Martin thinks if the 60yr old church is historic we could sell it as an antique.

A big plus is that clothes sizes are a clothes size down…… so you can go from a 14 to a 12 in one flight! Not that I have but it’s a nicer number  I do have to get some mroe jeans though….running to the flat the other day when Matt was throwing up my new jeans decided to fall down ……. thankfully no one was around but it did make running awkward.



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