another hoop jumped

 Well we now both have Washington state licenses….. the awful thing is that they put all sorts of things on them such as a photo and your weight… how unfair is that! It does mean though that my only real problems with driving are confidence and getting lost. It’s getting easier now though…. I’m learning some of the ways I regularly go and I’m sure I’ll learn more soon. Martin is sure I know the area we will live in better already.
   So it feels like it’s been another busy day but full of nothing much really, driving test, picking kids up early as it’s wednesday and they finish at 1.30, back to the flat off the kempo lesson…where they had loads of fun and have improved lots and then to QFC the supermarket…back to the flat again and homework and tea.
   Some days there are few things to tell you about. I could talk about how the food has either too much salt or too much sugar …. lasagne, juice, even bread…but right now I’m feeling quiet and the main thing I had to tell you is that we can legally drive as residents.
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