3 months and no deaths

 I have just had the best laugh since I got here….. I hope you all enjoy it too.
Local news headlines….
 -cat burgalar gains entrance through open windows
– historic church defaced with graffitti.
…. well the first one was warning people that they are in danger of being robbed if they leave windows wide open at night … I’m sorry but …well isn’t that a given?
…. the second one was about a church of latter day saints that had been sprayed with paint…. one member said it was said as this was a historic building of sixty years old!!!
I know these stories should inspire compassion from me but … well if that’s the local news then maybe it’s not such a bad place to live though maybe not the brightest. 
As an aside……. it’s been three months since Martin went away and so far no one has died and the world hasn’t ended! We are getting on well and both laughing at the news.
Oh and for those of you intereste din these things I found two shops today with more material than I’ve ever seen in one place and loads of crafts stuff.
I picked the boys up and said " Hey boys I got lost in the car today" To which Matt replied " but mum it’s not a big car!" then he smirked. Where does he get it?
We have our driving practical tomorrow… see driving blog!
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