empty days

   It’s been pointed out to me…well two things have actually by separate people…so I thought I would answer to all of you.
  1, I sound very positive in my blog
  2, I keep missing days.
  Ok I don’t have dumb friends and family so I could leave you to work out what that means.
  I am having days when I can’t really write anything here because just being is tough and how hard it is and why is really not relevant for EVERYONE to read. So I’m basically keeping it to myself…. people that know me shouldn’t be surprised and I’m pretty sure none of you would write your innermost for the world to see either. In counselling I learnt to keep myself safe and not open up to someone I didn’t feel safe with …that’s not that I’m threatened by but to only share what you are happy being known….and this medium is too public for my feelings.
So when I write on here it will either be factual or fun….. anything else is between me and whoever I choose to share it with on a more personal level. All prayers are still gratefully received if you need to know more then ask God or me …here you will hear about life in the US and our family.
Take care of yourselves
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