sorry Dad.

  I know the date will give it away but I haven’t written for a few days…or sent any mails of any real substance. There’s a good reason for this I’ve been busy trying to sort things out and in the evenings either been too tired to come on the pc or too busy talking to people on msn……. so I’m sorry.
Well in the last few days what can I tell you….
 I’ve joined costco, found the nearest one, bought an iron and various other bits of stuff. I had lunch with Barb on thursday at Andre’s an asian place the oriental sense not curry. I also got to speak to JOsh for quite some time on msn…hope you got some sleep eventually.
Friday I went with Linda to ‘Gillman village’ where we had lunch and looked around some shops that were kind of like a craft village…lots of fun. Then when Martin got home we went to the Box’s for pizza back here and sleep. Martin also dropped on me on friday evening that we had to take our driving theory tests the following day…. so I had the night to learn washington highway law!
For some odd reason I had a bad dream and couldn’t sleep that night…but as the boys had a martial arts lesson at 8.30 a lie-in was out of the question. Both boys are doing really well but for different reasons… Robert the ‘sensei’ has been working on Sam’s concentration within the lesson and on building up Matt’s confidence…things he thought both needed help in and as ever with boys if it comes from a man outside the family it has more effect.
   After that Linda and Jurgen kindly took care of the boys while we went to North Bend for our theory tests. After a wait of about an hour or so there we both were in the shadow of Mount Si answering questions on driving…… I tried not to smirk but failed…small towns fall into that shadow! the test was a multiple choice which was great as the questions went from one extreme to the other….eg.
If your license is taken away after being charged with DUI how long are you without your license………
The one I had which made me grin was
Alcohol: a, impairs your judgement and resonse time
             b, makes you more attractive
             c, helps you focus
I can’t remember d but the b answer was so tempting…thoguh we know the actual answer is makes OTHERS more attractive.
We both passed and now have our practical tests on wednesday…see there is a God!
We went from there to Bellevue centre and bought a bed….it’s a nice memory foam type thing with a wooden frame in kind of cherry wood with a suede insert in the headboard…sorry that’s not a good description but myabe some of you will visit and you can see it! Then back to the martial arts place in Bella Botega to sign the kids up for 6months with them. We took a lot of time to think about it and are actually present for all their teaching. they have made some changes for the boys such as not having them focus on th eflag as such just face that way….. as well as other things that come up along the way and on the plus side when one of th eboys was being difficult for me the tutor told him he’d hold him down so I could beat him and to treat his mother with respect….always a winner with me!
 Last night we went for a curry with Linda and Jurgen to say thanks for having the kids and because it was fun! Though next time I think I need to remember lunch if we are sharing a bottle of wine Linda!
Now what else do I have to tell you? Well I’ll tell you about the church in another entry and the same for buying a house and driving.
So that about brings life up to date I think… doesn’t sound much but well some bits are not for general consumption and some are just getting used to life in the US.
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