Having never driven on the ‘right’ side of the road before or an automatic. It’s fluctuated between unnerving and downright scary thinking about driving here in the hire car. The rules of the road are a challenge too.
you may turn right at a red light at traffic lights if there is no other traffic.
pedestrians ALWAYS have right of way.
speeding fines double in school areas or roadwark zones.
Four way stops kind of go against the grain for me…. you all stop and then leave in a nice orderly fashion in the order you came…it’s all very polite!
There are other things too but right now my brain can’t remember them. I keep thinking of the short turn as being a left and the long one as being a right …my head knows it’s not quite right but somehow it’s stuck.
I’ll add other thoughts about driving over time so you might want to pop back to this entry at times.
** everyone who comes to the state of Washington to become a resident has to take a driving test both theory and practical….whether they are from another state or country UNLESS they are from Germany. Don’t ask us it makes no sense but there you go…Germans go free and the rest of the world has to resit.
If a school bus has it’s red lights flashing and stops then you must not pass it …that is over taking OR going in the other direction…unless you are on a road with a solid divider.
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