church…thoughts of faith

  The church we have been to twice is really nice. It’s got two services and we are going to the 9am one… I know it’s a bit early but it means the rest of the day is ours and it’s when the kids groups meet. Being local to the new house it means some of the kids they see on sundays go to their schools.
Here is the link….. we’ve heard two services from Pastor Gary.
BOth sermons have been excellent and felt …well …right. I felt like I’d heard from God each time. Most of the worship team from what I can gather are professional musicians and it shows. The building is big and yet it has a really warm friendly feel to it….. and it also has doughnuts and coffee after…. coffee shop coffee not instant stuff.
I came away today doing some thinking about where I’m at spiritually and emotionally. I have a lot more thinking to do about what I want to do and get involved in while I am here but unless I hear otherwise I dont’ think there’s a rush. the service today was about dealing with the emotional 9/11’s in our lives and whether we dirft from God or get closer… I knwo which I want out of this move. I’ve asked God to help me cope from before we came  but I wonder if I’ve lived in that or if my doubts have taken over. I know my life is full of seasons, things, people and places that last for various periods of time. God has brought people in my life when they have needed someone or a bed even and when the need is gone often so are they …or at least the contact lessens. We have been known so often to be asked is ‘so and so’ and the answer has been they must be fine we haven’t seen them for a while. God has also provided me with friends for those times when I need someone….  and I have had the priveledge of seeing God work in people’s lives. I want to see that again, I want to be useful for him though right now working out how to live day to day seems the best goal.
One other thing that I really want is to make friends who aren’t Christians…they are such a blessing for me. Nothing makes you think about your relationship with God than close friends who challenge it and I value our differences and variety…. they keep me grounded and in the ‘real’ world.
So whatever grouping you fit or don’t fit into in my life have a virtual hug <<  >> you are important to me and I value the person you are just as you are.
Oh and Phil B the church has a golfing group and tournament!!
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