1st day

  WEll a big milestone in the settling in has begun today. The boys have started school….supplies bought, clothes ready…no uniforms! and dropped off to start at 8.25. It’s been odd for me and resulted in some sleeplessness…yes go ahead here I am in Seattle…… it’s brought back memories of my first days at schools and for high schools there were a few…… the feeling of being stupid because you don’t know anything others take for granted and of sticking out ..as well as not knowing the dynamics of friendship groups..well it came flooding back. Thankfully I managed to keep my feelings out of life during the daytime and the boys were positive and relatively calm about it all but it has meant that at night I’ve woken up hoping they will be ok. I’ve decided to trust God with it from obedience not emotion…. much like all of it really…. I mean He won’t have forgotten they need friends. Sam showed me that. He saved his money and bought a Nintendo ds…with a game called nintendogs…he now has a pet Chihuahua (?) called Charlie that has to be looked after, walked, bathed ,cleaned, fed, played with …etc and his main thought about today was that he’d have left Charlie alone all day…so I’m walking it around lunch time! The things we do for kids!! It made me realise though that if Sam can take care of his cyber dog’s needs then God can have arranged for the kids to make friends.
I’m driving to pick them up later…first drive alone so any spare prayers for that would be great.
Right off to tidy and do the ironing with dripping iron before I have a brew.
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