life the universe and everything!

Well it looks like this is the school the kids are going to be going to Margaret Mead Elementary. Matthew has decided that he woudl rather be with kids his own age for now to make friends so he will effectively be redoing year 6 though the geography and history will be different…well does the world outside Amercia exist? When exactly did WW2 start we forget!
The people at that school have been really helpful and friendly even down to allowing the kids to go before they have their jabs/shots! Hey get me I’m bi-lingual! It seems all kids have a return to school health check so the dr’s at this time of year are seriously snowed under. I was able to talk to a nice woman who fitted us in for next wednesday afternoon. The boys will finish at 1.30 on a wednesday and 3.30 every other day… this could take some getting used to!
I’ve yet to find out what class they will be in and what happens about school dinners….. I also have to get the school supplies in which could be a challenge… I’m not that bi-lingual. The school have a meet yoru teacher afternoon tomorrow so we will find out stuff then which will be good and a relief.
At 3pm the kids have a martial arts lesson. We were bored last week and went for a walk…. a local centre was offereing two weeks free lessons and uniforms and the kids were enthusiastic. Matt having done a few weeks of Judo at Wellfield he was really keen. they had their first session on Monday and I was impressed despite myself. They were first taught to respect themselves and others, that the best way is through peace and then you defend not attack…… attack is the last resort and only as much as necessary. The tutor even told them he didn’t understand yeah they had to say yes properly, they had to carry their own uniform not expect anyone else to and they behaved really well. the only funny thing was the students had to sit at the foot of the flag to put their belt on ….mine did but they didn’t have to pledge anything being foreigners…hurray!!
I think it will be good for them right now they are getting cabin fever and seem to be having testosterone surges that result in lots of shouting… learning to control yourself is one of the things they are taught which can only be a good thing. I’ve been reading about the origins and it seems to be about self defense so we’ll see what happens. If nothing else it gives them something of their own here…..which right now we all need… a few roots of safety and a sense of belonging.
We have an inspection on the house today …like a surveyor but we have to attend and it takes three hours. So lots of time in the new house to take photo’s and plan! If I get any I may put them in here for you to see. (Go to Gudge’s blog to see them)
Thanks to everyone that has mailed me has been so good to hear from you and some of you have made me laugh so much….. mind you some made me cry too but I was usually smiling as well. I miss you all.
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