confused…..that’s me!

"gradually every day has less to learn and then you wake up and realise you can cope and are actually living again not just existing"

This was said to me by an Irish woman today on msn. I’m going to hold it as a promise in the hope that One day I can say it to someone else and know it to be true. There are so many things to learn right now it is almost like having your first baby…you know …everyone else’s life is normal but you are running around getting nothing done, confused beyond belief and exhausted.

The kdis had a ‘meet the teacher’ thing at school today. Matt will be in grade 6 with his age year and Sam will be in grade 5. the school is great and everyone seems helpful….. though I think someone has their eye on me for PTA and for ‘Hot Mommas’ … don’t get silly …. it’s only some mums that go into school at lunch to help with the hot meals a few times a week. Anyway the school is twice the size of Wellfield with four classes for each grade and on the first day of each school year the parents meet for coffee (and tea) as school starts ….. to see how things are and organise Pta and things…just outside the school gates.

The boys are ok about going in now but I have to confess I’m more nervous now than when they started anywhere else..but I’m keeping it hidden right now. ( And they don’t know this web address!)

They have had two martial arts lessons now and are loving it…. I still love the way they are taught and the tutor seems to have focused on self control for Sam and the encouragement is great for Matt. We’ll see what happens.

So we now have a long weekend coming up and I’ll be shopping for supplies tomorrow evening for the school start with the Irish woman who is translating the list and driving for me.

I’ll also spend some time telling you all about the way you buy a house over here

more very soon


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