schools and doctors

   The whole school system over here is similar and yet different. Children start school a year later here. They have grade 1-6 in elementary school then 7,8 &9 are in junior high then they complete in high school.
We are having fun right now trying to negotiate with the schools to work out where the boys go. Do they go with their age year or academic year. So far the elementary school says they should go with their academic … this means Sam in yr 5 and Matt in yr 7. This puts Matt in junior high where the school thinks he looks young and should go with his age year ie. back in elementary school! So right now I’m stuck trying to work out which would be best for him.
The schools start next week 5th Sept and before that I have to get the supplies. Each grade is given a different list to provide for the school year with things like marker pens,tissues, photocopier paper…etc. The boys don’t know it yet but they will also need to have more immunisations before they start so that has to be sorted …which means finding a doctor out and getting a certificate for each of them.
 First though we need to find out if the Doctor is one that’s on the Ms medical plan….oh and there are different practises for kids and adults.
          I have told some of you there’s a lot to do!
So I have a short time to decide what to do about years/grades, get the relevant supply list, get a Dr and get the boys jabbed and certified by Tuesday with no car! Well a challenge is supposed to be good for you isn’t it? 
………Well there just seems to be more and more!
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