life in a rented flat

 The flat that Ms have rented for us is good. It’s in a complex with a small swimming pool that the kids are making use of….. unfortunately my costume in on a ship somwhere. The flat has three rooms so the kids get some personal space which is a life saver though they have done well so far cabin fever feels just round the corner. As we have one hire car and Martin drives to the office as well as my driving having been limited to the freeway so far it is hard to DO anything…though I would get lost right now anyway.
So life here in the flat is much the same as life in a house, cooking, washing etc except …well… they don’t have washing lines. In fact many communities will not allow them so in the flat is a dryer….’great’ I thought then I tried to use it. It has been put into a gap with a shelf over it so that I can only turn it on bent over with just a gap big enough for my arm to slip into but not my eyes to see down. When I can contort enough to get it working it blows about as hard and hot as Sam. I have found that hanging the clothes on hangers in the walk-in-closet and setting the air cooling fan blowing at them is much more efficient. Sadly it seems the iron came in a deal with the tumble dryer and it gets about as warm as it….and dribbles water I didn’t even put in it! I suppose life is full of challenges!
I’m finding today a bit hard, missing home and friends as well as the ability to just do what I need to. I have always been homesick after a week or so and it seems I’ve managed to last a bit longer this time but ….. the sun is shining here and I miss the rain, I miss being able to get the tram, or phone someone and go for a brew. With no mobile phone and the landline costing so much it feels a bit odd right now. I know things will be easier in a house though and right now it’s just that so much new stuff is a bit overwhelming. I’d call it culture shock but…. well I guess in some ways it is.
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